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Have you ever gotten a performance review that you disagreed with? That was based on opinion? That was entirely backwards focused and gave you no plan to move forward with your career? Does your organization have a plan for your career? A way to develop the skills you need to get that next promotion or raise?

Not very many organizations have good people plans; the great ones have talent development and succession planning but most companies are not great at managing the careers of their people; their greatest asset. Most companies are focused on the immediate, quarterly goals that they are measured on and that take priority over talent and leadership development.

We’ve talked to dozens of professionals and companies about their pain points around career and talent management. The bottom line is that individual professionals need to manage their careers. It’s up to you to drive your future and develop the skills and network that will take you where you want to go.

What can you do?

  • Get a metrics based assessment of your career.
  • Get a plan to address your biggest career challenges and gaps.
  • Find resources that will help you bridge those gaps and get you where you want to go; to that next promotion or raise.

Take a career assessment at and we will respond to you with a career plan and accredited resources to help you achieve your career goals.